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I've always been a massive fan of Jane Goodall. I think I really fell in love hearing her tell a story from when she was a child and wanting to see the eggs hatch from chickens. She hid out in the coop for hours quietly observing, while her family searched everywhere for her. I, too, have spent lots of time in doghouses, barns, and forests from a young age - observing. A connection to both animals and the earth is critical for humans, in my personal opinion, and I believe Jane not only understands that, but is a gift to humanity in encouraging us and helping us understand more and better.


Recently took a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota and saw "Jane Goodall - Reasons for Hope" in the omnitheater. I, of course, cried through the whole thing. Both inspiring and heart wrenchingly meaningful. Came home and drew this little Jane tribute. 


I am offering this one as a free download.  Add to cart and check out as normal, there is no charge and you'll get a link to download the image. Please feel free to print and use in whatever way you'd like.


Consider paying forward or donating to Jane's Roots & Shoots Youth Program if you are so inclined.


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