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This is a free download of the art and words of Rise and Shine.


Please use and share in whatever way you'd like.



Author note:


Rise and Shine is a book that calls on our children, and all of us, to rise up and shine. To understand that we are here to create change, illuminate goodness, and that even the simplest acts can be catalysts for goodness. This book was written during a time when the headlines of our days were enough to leave us feeling paralyzed in fear of the unknown. As I revise Rise and Shine, we are again facing headlines around the world that can too often bring us to our knees in despair. The dark opposing the light can feel constant. Days like today, years like this year, and worlds like this world are the reason I wrote this book. The world our children are learning about is the reason I wrote this book. Or, possibly the reason these words were magically gifted through me to share with all of you. The antidote to the realities of life that can overshadow our innate gifts. Our children are a generation that is more aware of and engaged in our world than most generations before us. I wish our children could live inside the imaginative pages of this book. I know they can’t. But we can give them the messages that are getting lost these days. It’s a reminder of the most essential things that are a part of being human: kindness, compassion, and respect for each other. When we feel paralyzed by the world around us, it’s not the time to hide or give up. It's the time to dig deep. To live a life that is genuine and true. A life that is lived in service of our own spirit and the communities that surround us. A life that honors all living beings and a life that seeks to protect and preserve our Mother Earth.


I deeply believe that this is the way forward. To rise; to shine.

Rise and Shine

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