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Whisper Portraits are intuitive sketch portraits, allowing me to create meaningful paintings for people in my own artistic style. I've been honored to work on art that captures significant moments in family's lives, beautiful symbolic nods to grandparents and beloved pets, sacred art that remembers children- both on this plane and the next, powerful art that acknowledges incredible lives and history. These portraits are so important to me and use all my creative, emotional and empathic energy.


I base the art off images, information, and emotion. I use pencil, charcoal, Posca pens, watercolor and gouache when creating. I offer two versions of Whisper Portraits, one is an instant Whisper, which I often do live at events or virtually on Facebook. An instant Whisper is done within 15-25 minutes and is simply a quicker, looser, sketchier version. They are created quickly and spontaneously, and you get what you get. A regular, more formal version of a Whisper Portrait takes substantially longer, and provides more intimate detail and thought. I am not currently accepting orders for Whisper Portraits, as other projects are currently taking priority, but feel free to join my mailing list to stay updated. 

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